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Sci-fi 3D FPS/RTS multiplayer game, where two teams (furry aliens vs. humans) build bases and fight with each other.

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Language: english

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Dot Pull 4K

2D logic mind game focusing on brain training. The goal of the game is to find differences between two photos under time pressure. Ultra HD (4K) resolution, 16 stage packs, 150 photos and over 1000 differences to remember.

Platforms: Windows 10, Browser, Facebook

Language: english

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Grass Max

Multiplayer 3D racing game with rusty cars. Crashes, racing and demolition is everywhere! Do not forget to cut some grass and gain (= steal) score from other players to unlock new equipment for your car.

Platforms: Windows

Language: english, czech

Others: 34 achievements, trading cards

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Dice Nice

Up to 4 player logic game. Players under different avatars (human, cat, tank or even pint of beer) are competing to reach the highest score.

Platforms: Windows Phone 10, Windows 10

Language: english, czech

Others: 68 achievements



Charles Speedhand

A western shooter with the sheriff that never shoots first. Yet.

Platforms: Windows

Language: english

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